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TDA Cybersecurity

Advanced Digital Technologies in Cybersecurity

Identify and promote technological development related to areas of interest in the field of Advanced Digital Technologies.

Establish collaborations and synergies between research and innovation centres through creating joint projects.

Strengthen positioning and global recognition to improve the capacity to attract talent and investment in research and innovation.

Impact on the administration, the productive sector and the citizen through digital transformation.

Between 80%-90% of cyber-attacks primarily target application users. The ideal scenario is to have dynamic security for users and their devices depending on the degree of responsibility and tasks. The main overarching problems to be solved are:

  •  The management of a large number of users.
  •  Difficulty in identifying and correlating user activity.
  • Lack of standardisation in the devices used by the users.
  • Coexistence of different configurations of the same device.
  • Lack of criteria for cataloguing users.

The project outlined here aims to provide solutions to the challenges posed, to develop a tool to help minimise the success of cybersecurity attack campaigns by analysing the risks associated with each type of user, analysing each user’s level of exposure to threats.

The proposal responds to the challenge posed by the Catalan Cybersecurity Agency.

i2CAT and the research ecosystem of Catalonia have extensive experience developing research and innovation activities at an international level by applying advanced digital technologies.


Leveraging this knowledge, and promoting collaboration between the different agents and companies in the research and innovation ecosystem of Catalonia, a technological solution has been designed and developed to solve the problems identified.