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1. What are cookies?
Cookies are text files that are downloaded to the user’s terminal equipment (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.), are saved in the memory of their browser and that save information about habits, preferences and the behaviors of Internet users who visit a web page.

The data contained in the cookies can be analyzed by i2CAT to improve the usability of the websites and offer more personalized information and services.

The browsing data retrieved by the cookies is anonymous and is not associated with any person. Personal information must be provided to i2CAT explicitly by the user.

The user can delete or disable cookies from the browser settings. In this case, the website will remain operational, but without the benefits of personalization. For more details on the use, management and configuration of browser cookies, it is recommended to consult the website

2. What type of cookies are used in i2CAT?
According to the entity that manages them:
Own: These are cookies that are sent from a computer or domain managed by i2CAT to the user’s terminal.
From third parties: These are cookies that are sent to the user’s terminal from a computer or domain not managed or controlled by i2CAT. In this case, cookies installed by i2CAT that collect information managed by third parties are also included. Third-party cookies may use-
se for the measurement and analysis of user behavior with the aim of improving their experience on the i2CAT website.
According to the length of time it will remain on:

Session: Collect data while the user browses the i2CAT website in order to provide the requested service. They expire or are deleted when the browser is closed.
Persistent: They are saved on the user’s terminal. They expire in a long to medium period of time or never.
According to the purpose:

Techniques: They are necessary for the correct navigation of the web page.
Personalization: Allows the user to define the characteristics (language) for browsing the web page.
Analysis: They allow i2CAT the analysis linked to the navigation carried out by the user in order to monitor the use of the web page, as well as make statistics of the most visited contents, the number of visitors, etc.

Advertising 3. What are the purposes of the cookies used in i2CAT? The purposes of the cookies used in i2CAT are: Techniques: The purpose of this type of cookie is to make it possible to navigate the page satisfactorily. This type of cookie allows the system to recognize registered users and remember their username and password, among other functions. Personalization: These cookies allow the user to access the i2CAT website with some predefined general characteristics, such as the language, the browser or the geographical location from which the service is accessed. This user information allows i2CAT to offer a better and more personalized service. Analytics: The anonymous data contained in these cookies allow the measurement, monitoring and study of user activity in order to incorporate improvements in i2CAT websites, applications and platforms. Advertising: These cookies make it possible to manage advertising spaces based on criteria such as content editing or users’ browsing habits.